TYMB Manual hot foil stamping and die cutting machine

TYMB hot foil stamping machine suits for gilding-printing all kinds of colored electro-chemical aluminum, marking a concave-samples, boxes, books, and new year card, etc. It is optimum equipment for printing, packing, decoration and plastic industries with materials including paper, cardboard, plastic, leather.




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Max. Platen

 Working Area(mm)

Working Pressure

Foil-delivered Length


Working Speed


Main Motor Overall Power Overall Dimensions




TYMB750 750x520 100T 500 1380 2.2kw 10kw 2150x1400x1900mm 2500
TYMB930 930x670 170T 640 1320 4kw 13kw 2200x2000x1950mm 3500
TYMB1040 1040x720 170T 700 1320 4kw 13kw 2230x2100x2000mm 4500
TYMB1100 1100x800 220T 800 1200 5.5kw 19kw  2250x2200x2000mm 5000
TYMB1200 1200 x820 220T 800 1200 5.5kw 19kw 2250x2200x2050mm 5500
TYMB1300 1300x920 380T 870 900 7.5kw 32kw 2500x2200x2450mm 6500
TYMB1400 1400x1000 380T 950 900 7.5kw 32kw 2600x2200x2500mm 7200
TYMB1500 1500x1050 380T 1000 900 7.5kw 32kw 2700x2200x2600mm 8000
TYMB1600 1600x1250 380T 1200 900 11kw 35.5kw 2800x2200x2600mm 12500 
TYMB1800 1800x1280 380T 1300 900 11kw 35.5kw 2900x2200x2600mm 12700




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